Meet Victoria…

I was born and raised in Detroit, like real Detroit, not the suburbs but real Detroit.  And clearly I’m proud of that, my family worked hard to give us everything we needed.  My dad worked two jobs a majority of my life and that was truly the spark to make me work hard and do something with my life.

I moved to Chicago to chase something bigger then the streets of the D with my best friend on my 26th birthday in 2006.  And I haven’t looked back once.

I had an awesome, as times jet setting, career trying to win the Olympic bid for Chicago and then working for the largest convention company in the States.  I met Nick, my husband, through friends (which is a really strange 3 degrees of separation story for another time) we dated for a few years, got a IrishDoodle and married in 2011, just two days before my 31st  birthday.

We welcomed our first baby, Harper, in 2015 and quickly learned about the world of allergies and eczema along with all the joys and stress of becoming first time parents. 2017 was an eventful, stressful, happy year.  Kannon was born in May, I got my real estate license and I left my career to stay home…phew…

The transition to staying home was much harder than I thought it would be, I spent years holding court in war rooms, now I’m trying every trick in the book to defuse a three-year-old tantrum.   That’s why starting Rosé on Tuesday with Megan has been great!  What started as “sure we could maybe do that” has turned into a real outlet that doesn’t revolve around my children, and gives me something of my own, more to talk about with Nick other then “the baby did the cutest thing” and I’m so happy and thankful to start this journey!

I hope you have fun with us, cheers!