About Us

cheersRosé on Tuesday is more than a blog, it’s our way of life…We decided to write this blog to share our stories, advice (even if unsolicited), tips, and favorite things, all while enjoying our favorite past time…wine!

Co-founders Victoria and Megan met in 2016 when their families moved into the same condo building, across the hall from one-another. After a couple of years, a couple of kids, and many glasses of wine, the idea for the blog was born! Hoping to share experiences, tell stories, or even just give a laugh, they jumped in head first.

The name Rosé on Tuesday evolved while grabbing lunch on a random Tuesday (go figure). Megan was on maternity leave and it was her last week before heading back to work. It was 60 degrees in February (in Chicago)! When ordering, Rosé felt like a no-brainer, despite that feeling of, “is it too early, it’s only Tuesday”? The answer? “Nope”. Never. To. Early.

We feel that life shouldn’t be taken to seriously, and the idea of having a glass of wine, at lunch, in the middle of the week, is somewhat our mantra.

So, hopefully you will, sit back, relax, and raise a glass, as we figure out this thing called blogging!

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