Thank You, Lake Redstone

Today after ten years we officially say goodbye.  Saying it’s bitter sweet doesn’t even begin to express my rollercoaster of feelings.  But mostly I feel thankful…thankful for the ten years we’ve had, thankful to all the family and friends that have been part of so many memories.  Thankful to my husband, he dreamt of having a lake home half way to MN to enjoy it with people we love and we all worked really hard to achieve it.


Lake Redstone has given us too many memories to count.  This family cabin has seen nothing but good times, maybe the occasional drunk tears, but 99.9% of them have left me smiling from ear to ear.

There was Labor Day 2010 when Nick was acting really strange and randomly asked if I wanted to check out the waterfall at the damn.  There he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.


There was the time we brought Red home, Nick picked her up in MN and took her directly to the lake for New Years, I can only imagine what this 12 week old puppy thought.  But then again, she was made for it…we did get a red dog for the sole reason of naming her Madame Redstone.

There was the night of 100+ falling stars.  We had no clue the sky could light up like that, we had no clue that could happen, but it did, we were there and I’ll never forget that night and the people sitting around the fire.

There was the day when all you had to do was put a hook in the water off the dock and you would catch a fish or the time Jack finally caught the elusive cat that we all had on the line a time or two.


There were the weekends spent with family relaxing around the fire, going for walks around the lake and once the kids started coming it all become even more magical. Experiencing all their firsts at the lake was like our firsts all over again!


There were the five years of epic fourth of July celebrations, 26 people, 10 tents, 3 kegs, full blown Yard Olympics.  We were known around the lake as “the house with all the tents.”  Oh the fireworks displays we would have, a couple of toes may have almost been lost and some fingers burned but it was all worth it, i think.  Then the babies started coming and the 4th looked a little different, funny, other people on the lake would say “We could tell when you guys had kids your tents were replaced with a swing a slide.”


There were the New Year Celebrations spent with enough champs to celebrate for 20 years, appetizer cook-offs, field goal kicking on the ice and more football then one could ever watch.  “Wallet’s for everyone!!”  Then in 2018 we had a big “you have kids moment” as Kannon was screaming at 11:58….But I honestly wouldn’t have had the last few years any different.

I could go on and on but I wont bore you!

The last ten years have been amazing! More than anything I’ve enjoyed the evolution of the last decade.  Nick and I have gone from carefree late 20 somethings to doting parents.  These years we’ve not only seen ourselves grow but our friends and family too.  The lake gave us the chance to celebrate all these seasons in life together.  Thats what I’ll miss the most.

We’ve loved you Lake Redstone and the home on Dolata Ct., you’ll always have a special place in all our hearts.

Thank you.


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