A weekend in Detroit!

This past weekend couldn’t have come at a better time, the holiday craziness is about to set in, schedules are getting packed and I honestly just needed a break for the norm.  I’ve been really feeling disconnected from myself; self-care has been looooooow on the priority list.

The best cure for that is some qt time with your besties, baby snuggles and family fun!  So Nick and I packed the car up and headed to Detroit.




We arrived at my besties, Kendra, in Royal Oak on Friday night, ate Hungry Howies, drank wine and watched our littles play.  Its so fun watching the kids together and really celebrate this chapter in our lives – it’s a world away from our days in the sorority house.  But as much as we love all the littles we packed them up and drove them to our parents houses for a Saturday sleep over!  After dropping the kids at their respective grandparents Kendra and I visited one of our best friends’ newest additions.  Snuggling a 5 day old is so sweet, you forget how little they can be!


Then we drove to Ferne, a super cute boutique on Woodward Ave, in Mid-Town Downtown Detroit.  I recently found it after falling down an Instagram hole, they just opened their Detroit location and have one established in Bay City, MI.  The shop has everything!  Coats, sweaters, tee’s, dresses and sequined skirts!  You could seriously find anything your closet needs, and its priced just right!  We chatted with the shop owner and we love that she named the store after her grandmother, and I love her love for Detroit and being part of the revitalization!

And boy is Detroit seeing a revitalization….we ate at one of the newest hot spots, Grey Ghost, and IT.WAS.DELICIOUS.  It was seriously on par with food at the best restaurants in Chicago.  The drinks at Second Best Detroit were great, I mean, they served Miller Highlife on ice and in champagne glasses…that is brilliant!


IMG_2800After leaving Grey Ghost we headed over to Campus Martius to check out the Cadillac Lodge, a pop-up bar decorated in all things lodge complete with hot toddies!  On the short drive down Woodward I quickly could tell this was a new Detroit, an excited Detroit. There were people EVERYWHERE and there wasn’t even a sports game letting out.  The once abandoned store fronts were filled with shops and restaurants, there was even a Lululemon!  The skating rink was packed and the tree looked brilliant in all its Christmas glory!

After walking through the crowds and chatting with some nice boys in blue we made it into the Cadillac Lodge, and it was so adorable!  Little sitting areas with faux fireplaces and Christmas trees, all the favorite board and table games and hot drinks to keep everyone nice and toasty!


But the trip to Detroit didn’t end there, we still had a double birthday party to attend!  And what a birthday party that was, we not only spent time with family but we also rode a pony and got to pet a few of our favorite barn yard animals!  All the little kids loved it!  Kannon kept following the duck around saying “quack, quack” and the Llama was just the softest thing ever!  It was so nice to spend time with my aunts, cousins and their kids…it really made me miss coming to Detroit and got me excited for Christmas!


If you know me, you more than likely know I’m from Detroit, I’ve always been proud that I was born and raised in the Motor City.  But the past couple of decades have been hard for my hometown; a young mayor jailed, the big three near collapse, a mass exodus of citizens and filing for bankruptcy, just a mere five years ago.  Detroit is the little engine that could, full of hardworking people that love where they live and want it to succeed.  That’s why this turnaround is so amazing, its success, is everyones success!

This weekend was so much FUN and exactly what I needed to feel like myself again.   Time with friends and family, time in the city I called home until high school, is a good cure for a bit of the blues.  Time at home, because Detroit will always be home.

I was amazed, I was impressed, I was proud!!!

Cheers to you, Detroit!  xoxo Victoria



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