38 Things I’ve Learned in 38 Years…


In recent years, my birthday hasn’t really been that big of a deal to me.  Sad to say, but I can’t remember the last time we’ve gone out for a group dinner or did something other then go to brunch or watch football.  And that’s all totally FINE!  We’ve flown to Vegas on a whim, had a huge 30th celebration, went to Key West, etc., I’ve had plenty of fun on multiple birthdays.

Honestly, its pretty surreal that I’m officially in my late 30’s and it seems like 40 is just around the corner.  I haven’t really given 40 that much thought, I remember thinking A LOT about 30 – where I wanted my life to be, who I thought I should be, how many kids I should have and all that jazz.  But all those thoughts really started in my early 20’s and most of those “ideas” were all wrong.

Turning a year older has got me thinking…”what have I learned in 38 years?”

– Be a good person, plain and simple

– Its the quality of your friends that count the most, not the quantity

– You really shouldn’t eat “all you can eat” at any sort of restaurant, especially sushi

– Drink water, seriously, it’s good for you

– Wash your face!

– Don’t buy generic ketchup

– That gut feeling is real, listen to it

– Show up, call your friend / text your friends, just be there

– Kids have tantrums, no matter how much you think yours will be different.

– Buy strangers coffee

– Travel

– Costco isn’t just for 50 gallon jars of pickles or life time supplies of dried fruit.

– The wings from the Birds Nest are the best

– Never show up to a party empty handed

– Overboard is one of the best movies ever

– Being a working mom is hard, being a stay at home mom is hard – I’ve been both, the grass is always greener

– Biting your nails is a hard habit to break

– Moving to Chicago because I had to get out Detroit was one of best decisions I ever made

– Botox is great, scratch that AMAZING

– Always go to bed with the kitchen cleaned

– Dry shampoo was made by the gods

– Don’t be passive aggressive, just say what you want. period

– If your kids eat snacks for two days straight it’s okay

– If they drink a juice box here and there that’s okay too…the world is not ending

– Send hand written thank you notes

– Ask questions, even if you think its silly

– GMO’s fed the world, you can choose to eat them or not

– Where you’re from and how you grew up, doesn’t define you

– Be proud of where you came from and how you were raised, it helped shape you

– Print pictures

– Christmas is even more magical after having children

– Food allergies are hard and serious and keep me up at night

– Sometimes I think newborns are easier then toddlers

– Its really hard to take time for myself, but its necessary so I don’t go crazy

– Theres nothing like fresh sheets and a good pair of pajamas

– Its okay to so “no” to invitations

– At 38 a Saturday night at home watching a movie and drinking wine is just as much fun as those nights out at 28 – just different

– You’re always evolving, changing and figuring yourself out.  And that’s okay.

Here’s to 38 More, Cheers!





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