Not your typical girls night….

girls nightA couple months ago Harper and I were at kiddie book club, post on that to come, when one of my girlfriends mentioned they hired a physic to come to their home the night before.  My girlfriend CC and I immediately were like “Whhhaaaaaa??? That sounds like so much fun”. Fast forward a couple of months….

After a few emails with a group of great friends the date was nailed down and the hunt for a physic/medium was on.  CC and I decided to co-host the girls night, which made everything so much more fun and easier.  We shared the responsibilities of menu planning, drink preparation, hunt for the psychic and cost.  We’ve watched a few episodes of Long Island Medium and Taylor on E! so we had high hopes.  We found Edward on a “Top Psychics” website, which was all the validation we needed.

For the menu we ordered platters of sushi and apps from our @marianos.  I know, grocery store sushi? But it actually was DELISH and waaaaay more cost effective then sushi from a restaurant.  Plus no one was none the wiser, until we told them 😉 We also stopped at TJ’s for some cheese to create an awesome cheese platter. And of course we served Rosé, LOTS and LOTS of Rosé.

All the ladies had so much fun!!!  We each got individual table readings, which were, for the most part, dead on!  We laughed, we cried, we rolled our eyes!  Once all 8 of us had our reading, the psychic tried to channel the spirits of our loved ones that have passed on.  That I have to admit was a bit odd, there was an iPad app, a mini microphone, and us just calling out names of people….a couple of friends were really looking forward to hearing from family members and I think they got something out of it, but Long Island Medium, it was NOT! No worries, we’ve wait listed for the number one psychic in Chicago for next time. So in a couple of years (seriously, that how long the wait it!) we’ll get another shot!

But all that didn’t matter, what mattered is that we were able to spend time together, have great food and drinks and have an experience we won’t forget.

And don’t worry, I saged my house TWICE afterward!

Anyone have any out the box girls nights ideas??




  1. Very Housewives of Chicago 😀! Once a year we have a Favorite Things party! We set a total price, bring 3 of the same or different things and then at the end of the night we have 3 new things! Everything from snacks, wine, cosmetics!


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