Learning to live not by the list…

Image result for lightning bugsJust two days ago I posted our summer bucket list, and I quickly went to work mapping out our days on the calendar. You see, planning is in my blood, in my past life as a project manager I  lived and died by timelines and schedules.  Then last night I got a huge dose of spontaneity and might have just had my summer highlight!

Harper and I were watching Tangled, past her bed time, when we stepped on the deck for a second.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw something “Look momma a sparkle!” I look down from our third-floor balcony, on our tree lined street in the middle of Chicago to see a sea of lightening bugs!  I’ve never seen lightening bugs in the city, or I’ve just never noticed them.

“Wow, momma, what are those?”  Harper asks as she looks up at me with such wonderment.  “Lightening Bugs! Go get your shoes on, quick!” I said to her.  Her face lit up with so much joy, that could’ve been the end of the night before even walking downstairs in our pj’s to catch a few lightening bugs.  As we’re “hunting” we held hands and bent down low to the ground together.  Her little eyes looking up to me for direction.  With my first catch I teach Harper how to properly capture them in a cupped hand so that we don’t hurt them, when I was opening my hand, and on cue the little bug lite up and flew away.  “WOW” she said!   We must have spent 10 minutes outside walking between our building and the neighbors trying for Harper to catch one, just as I said, “One last try Harps, its waaayyyy past your bed time”.  She caught one!  Harper was so proud of herself, it was nothing but amazement and pure joy! We high-fived and walked back into the house hand in hand.

As we read a book while lying in her bed she told me thank you for taking her downstairs.  I may have shed a small tear, because at that moment I truly realized that these are the moments that count the most.  Not the over planned, over chaos days.  But the spontaneous moments that catch us all off guard.

We will still check off our bucket list as the summer continues, but I know that I’ll never be able to see a lightening bug again without thinking of this night.  A night I’m sure will be one of my favorite memories of the summer, if not of all time.

Xoxo – Victoria



  1. Aww, I love this!! I know exactly what you mean about spontaneous moments being both challenging to grasp (due to being a major planner) and yet being the most enjoyable!! Enjoy your summer!


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