Aimé Roquesante Review

This week we reviewed the Aimé Roquesante (AR) Rosé from the Côtes de Provence in France. We’ve now done our share of French Rosés! One thing we continue to find, is they keep delivering week after week. This one is no exception. Aime rose

Aimé Roquesante has definitely been the hardest one to say so far! We even had to look it  up to figure out how to pronounce! If you watched our IG TV video (you didn’t, what? check it out here! ) you can see we struggle even after looking it up! Survey Says….”We like it!”…big surprise I know!

AR has a great refreshing taste, that has a lot of hints of strawberry, and tart citrus. A little more citrus than some of the other French Varietals we’ve tried.  If you’re a fan of New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, we think this one will be right up your alley.

It’s a great salmon pink color and is 13% alcohol. We think this is a great “lunch” wine. Perfect for enjoying a leisurely lunch on a patio overlooking the Mediterranean in the South of France, or more realistically, throw a bottle in your baby bag for a picnic lunch in the park. You’ll hardly know the difference.. (haha!) Just make sure you have a wine opener, this one is fancy- no twist offs here.

We hope you like it and let us know below what you think!! We are always on the hunt for new and interesting Rosés, and looking for ones outside of our French bubble! Got one we should try? Let us know, or send one our way!



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