Stitch Fixin’!

Hi Friends!

I’m sure many of you have already heard about Stitch Fix, right? It’s a super fun way, to basically have someone else pick out some clothes for you, and have them delivered to your house all in a pretty and cute package.  If you haven’t tried this yet, you really should! I’ve been “Stitch Fixin'” now for quite a while….like probably 3 or 4 years I think? I’ve received everything under the sun. From shoes to accessories, jeans to dresses, athleisure wear to work clothes, and even maternity, they’ve sent it all. They even have men’s now! Chris probably won’t want to admit this, but he loves it too!

Not sure how it works?  Here’s what you need to know:

The concept is, you go online and fill out a style profile. They will ask you a bunch of opinions and questions on styles and sizes of clothes to try and gauge a profile for you, to help and create a perfect fix! The more detail you give, the more specific they can hone in on your tastes. It doesn’t take that long I swear!

You also set a price range. The average piece is ~$55. But tell them what you are comfortable with, and they will do your best to stick to your budget.

Want to get even more specific? No Problem. You just give your stylist a link to your Instagram or Pinterest page, and they can check out what you’ve been tagging and pinning, especially if you’ve got your eye on some specific Stitch Fix brand items.

Next, you set a time frame. Personally, I get one every month. I love it! But my husband thinks that’s too much so he does every three months. You can quit or skip months whenever, or change your delivery dates as needed.  You could even do every other week if you wanted ( I wish! but I’d go broke unfortunately!) ! I’ve definitely adjusted my delivery date up if I have a party or it’s something like the holidays, and I need some new options!

The best part is, it only cost $20 bucks to start. That is considered your “stylist fee”. What the what? Yes, you have a personal stylist that tries to perfectly curate exactly what you are looking for. Need a new pair of wedges? No problem, let them know! Maybe it’s the start of summer and you need a little dress refresh? They will send a bunch your way! As long as you buy just one thing out of your fix, the 20 bucks goes toward the price of the item. Your fix will come with a total of 5 pieces. This could also include accessories if you need or want them. If you decide you can’t live without all 5 pieces, then you get a 25% discount off of all 5! Such a deal!

Once you receive this little piece of heaven,  open it up, read the personalized note from your stylist as well as a little guide on how to style all the pieces. You then get to try them on in the comfort of your own home! Seriously this is the best thing…you have no weird lighting, or tricky mirrors, or over-complementary sales associates talking you into anything you don’t really want (I’m not sure about you, but I can definitely be persuaded!).

Keep what you want, and send the rest back in a pre-paid USPS bag. Drop it off, check out on the app, and you’re done. So easy. When you check out, you give a rating and a review of each piece. I feel it’s important to really be specific on this. The more detail they have on the fit, and your likes/ dislikes the more spot on they become in the future. I rarely have to send anything back because of fit anymore. They’ve pretty much figured me out! You can always update your profile if your tastes or sizes change, so they can stay up to date. But, if something doesn’t fit just right, but you love it- you can always exchange it for a different size, when available.

Did I mention they carry maternity clothes too? This was a godsend for me when I was preggo with Owen. They sent me cute jeans and dresses, and they didn’t break the bank. If you’ve been pregnant than you know what a good outfit can do for your self esteem some days! (Honestly, I’m not sure why we wear pants with buttons; maternity jeans are the best invention ever…i love elastic everything!!!) Even after Owen was born, and I was in NICU central day in and day out, they sent me tons of cute athleisure wear to help amp up my mom wardrobe. It may sound stupid, but feeling a little better about the way I looked some days-even in leggings,  helped a ton.

Since I started using Stitch Fix, I’ve gotten the much needed revival of my wardrobe. I love that the brands lines are unique to Stitch Fix, so you usually don’t have to worry about someone else in your LOFT dress at the party. But, if you and all your friends jump on board, then watch your back!

Below are pics from my latest fix this June. I asked for a summer pick me up. They sent me a couple dresses, the cutest pair of shorts, a perfect fun summer tank, and a versatile sleeveless top in one of my favorite summer colors- white.  This one was a home run! I plan on keeping all five of the items, and take advantage of the 25% discount! Now, don’t get me wrong all of my fixes aren’t this perfect- I’ve definitely sent back all five items, honestly sometimes you may just not be feeling the fix! However, I think that was only once or twice in like 4 years! Not too bad if you ask me.

I really quick want to give a quick shout out the team at Stitch Fix. When they heard that our little guy had been born a lot earlier than expected (I had to update my profile), they sent me the sweetest, hand-written note letting us know that we were in their thoughts. They sent us the cutest stitch-fix logo’d onesie, and some cute plush toys for Owen. It didn’t take much for me to cry back then, but this ignited the water works for me! Just knowing there are thoughtful people behind a brand, makes me love them even more! Thank you Stitch Fix, you made my day!

I could obviously talk about this all day long, but I’ll let the pics do the talking. Something to actually look forward to in the mail! It’s a little like Christmas each month when that box arrives! So, if you’re interested in checking it out, I’m linking our personal link here– ….we’re excited to be partnering with them and their brand! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Feel free to drop any questions or comments below!

This dress is beautiful! It’s perfect for work, but flirty enough for date night. I love the red and blue floral print. The hem of the dress is so cute as it is shorter in the sides! Gives it that fun flash, with staying modest in front. The elastic at the natural waist is super flattering!
Adorable gingham (love!) shorts that fit like workout shorts! They have elastic! This flowy, forgiving and flattering tank hits all the right notes, especially with the on-trend poms! This will look so cute with white jeans as well!
This white shirt is so versatile! It looks great with a front tuck and a pair of distressed skinnies! It’s got a great cutout detail in the V and around the bottom. Super light weight and has a built in cami to protect against being too sheer! I could run errands in this, or actually even wear to work! (jeans linked from @american eagle not the exact pair, but similar)
The last piece in my fix was this cute navy blue with pebble print dress. It’s super flattering with a natural waistline. The back detail is super cute with the straps criss-crossing. Check out my Insta story to see the fit! Hit’s just above the knee and is perfect for work. I can just add a denim jacket and I’m ready to go for a night out. You can definitely dress this one up or down.



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