I’m burnt out….


I’m burnt out from the baby, not I’m burnt out because I have a one year old and preschooler but burnt out from the one year old.  Ugh, and I feel horrible even typing that.  But it’s true.

Being home with Kannon all day is, well, hard.  The transition from one to two and leaving my career to be home full time has been much more challenging than I expected.  I probably sound like such a spoiled baby, “oh you poor thing, you get to stay home and your baby is hard work.”  I get it, heck, I’ve thought it about myself!

Kannon only wants me.  Only wants me to change his diaper, me to pick him up, me to play with, me to lay him down, etc.  He’s been refusing to nap longer then 20 minutes, and those naps used to be time for getting house stuff done, working on Rosé on Tuesday, paying bills, etc. Now I barely have time to change over laundry and he’s back to being my attention sucker.  I LOVE THE KID, he is seriously so sweet and such a great baby but 5 minutes, all I want is 5 minutes.

I find myself getting frustrated with him sometimes and I HATE that feeling.  He’s a year old!  He looks to me for guidance; how Nick and I treat him and what we show him will shape who he is…UGH!  I really hope that I am truly doing the best for him by staying home, that these times of feeling brunt out are far outnumbered by the cuddles, laughs and babble chats.

Tomorrow is a new day and I will try to remind myself that the laundry can wait and sitting down for 10 minutes in silence might actually do us both more good then folded shirts.


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