Matua – Pinot Noir Rosé



Happy Tuesday!

This week we reviewed a Matua – Pinot Noir Rosé from New Zealand!  Our local grocery store had a large display of it showing off its 2016 International Wine & Spirit Competition Award, so we thought why not!!  The label also drew us in with its beautiful graphic of a Maori which, after some research, are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.   But we can’t forget a very important and very cool element to this label, the “Chill Check”!   A snowflake appears on the label once chilled and ready to drink, how brilliant!


Our initial thoughts were “its smooth” and “I like it”…the taste is for sure different then a true Rosé, you’re able to tell right away that it is a blend of Pinot Noir.  We’re always impressed with ourselves when we can actually pick up the notes of this or that.  The strawberries give it a fruit forward taste vs the dryness of a French Rosé.  The bottle says that it carries stone fruit and redcurrant too, but we’re not sure what that is, but we can tell you its good!

The color is pink in color or as Victoria put it “Beige-Pink”, did we just make up a color?  Should we patent that?  Matua is 13% in alcohol content, which has been what we’ve seen a lot.

For girls like us, that drink a lot of Pinot in the winter, it was “like” at first sip and something we’ll keep stocked in the wine fridge!



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