Give Billie a Try…

IMG_6532.jpgI found billie one evening while scrolling my Instagram feed, the sponsored ad was an image of a razor shaving a cactus, I was instantly intrigued.  “What is this” I thought…I clicked on the comments section read a couple reviews and visited, its so beautifully done – from the graphics, images, layout and price.  $9 for the starter kit, which includes a handle, holder and two cartridges along with shipping included…that’s a no brainer right there!

Signing up for billie was super easy, you’re able to choose between three handle colors, I went with Billie Blush, then they ask how often you shave to determine the frequency of cartridge replacements. I shave my legs and under arms about three times a week, the other is exclusively waxed, and I don’t change my razor cartridge nearly as often as I should.  I’ve probably gone over 6 months before….eeeewwww….I’m grossed out now just thinking about that. Of course, you can do a one-time trial and cancel your subscription immediately.

As I tried billie for the first time I couldn’t help but feel like I was cheating on my Venus razor, in all seriousness, I think that blue handle has been in my shower for over two decades.   Right off the bat billie is super easy to handle, is comfortable in your hand and effortlessly glides over the typical hard spots of ankles and knees.  Admittedly I was nervous I would come out of the shower looking like a 14 year old just shaved my legs, with nicks and cuts all over, but I came out of it unscaved and with such a close shave!!!

I used my normal shaving cream for this trial period, my skin is pretty sensitive so I didn’t want go too far out of the comfort zone all in one shot.  However, I know have full confidence in billie and think I’m going to add the shave cream with my next shipment!

They even offer a “Pink Tax Rebate” which is the super cleaver name for their referral program…because we’ve all been over paying for razors.  If you’re inclined to check it out click on this link! NO purchase is necessary!

billie gets my stamp of approval!  Who doesn’t love mail especially when it shows up in super cute feminine packaging. If guys can have shave of the month club, why can’t girls? I 100% recommend everyone giving it a try, for $9 there’s not much to lose!


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