AVA Grace Rosé



Hi guys, this week we reviewed AVA Grace Vineyards Rosé…in a can!  We’ll say that again, IN A CAN.  I know, our first thought was “that’s interesting” but after cracking it open we knew it was a Rosé we would love.

The can reads fruity, crisp and delicate with notes of red berries, apricots and watermelons and that is exactly what it is!  The color is a true pink which tends to indicate it will be more bitter, but it’s not at all!  Its smooth from the first sip. Megan immediately tasted the watermelon notes and Victoria picked up on the apricot, sommeliers we are not, so when we picked up on the flavors we weren’t only impressed with ourselves but with the Rosé in a can!

AVA Grace Rosé is born in California, celebrates the beauty of the vineyards, comes in a beautifully decorated can and has 13% alcohol.  We’re sold on all those points!  We purchased this deliciously fun Rosé at Target for $4.99 and is about two healthy glasses of wine. Target for the win once again!

Its perfect for a hot summer day in your favorite koozie or just a stroller around the neighborhood…So crack open a can and enjoy!!!



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