Sauvetage Rosé and The Winc Wine Club!

Hi guys!

This week we are trying a Rosé out of a wine membership club I belong to, Winc Wine Club. I joined Winc maybe 6 months or so ago, through a promotion I found, and I finally decided to pull the plug! I had been wanted to join a wine club for a while, but they all seemed a little pricey. This one had a deal, so I decided to try it .


When you first go the Winc website, you fill out a palate profile that helps them determine the best wines for you. Each month they will send you a selection based on your preferences. You have the option to choose if you want reds or whites or a combination of both. If you select 4 or more bottles, the shipping is FREE! So, for me, that was the best option. Shipping can be EXPENSIVE on wine, so why not get an extra bottle, instead of spending that cash on shipping! You also have an option to hand pick your wines from their selection in case you are super picky. The wines start at $13, and the Winc Featured membership selects from their 13 dollar wines.  There is also a Winc Select membership you can choose if you want their more premium, limited bottles. You could also go in and see what they picked for you, and then if you want to try a more expensive bottle, you can always go in and swap it out. So many choices!

So far, it’s been a great experience! We’ve gotten really good wines, and it is always fun to get packages in the mail, am I right? Just make sure you are going to be home when they deliver or send it to a location someone can sign for it, otherwise it goes back…they need a +21 signature at delivery. This has always been my issue with wine clubs, as we are never home during the day when they deliver, and for me it’s a pain to deliver to work. But I discovered that since they ship through FedEx, I can actually re-route it to my local Walgreens, that has a FedEx pickup counter. Gamechanger. I can now just pick it up at my leisure (within 5 days) at Walgreens! It’s great!

I’m linking a code here to help you get $20 off of your first order! Just be careful because it auto-enrolls you in the club. Therefore, unless you go and cancel (that is if you’re  one and done), you will get a shipment every month. Check it out…what have you got to lose? An empty wine fridge…that’s it!

Ok- on to the review! Winc only has a couple of Rosé’s right now in their pickings, but the Sauvetage, is spot on perfection! The bottle makes me imagine I am whisking off to the Hamptons somewhere (well, maybe Hampton Social), ready to jump on the yacht! The name means ‘rescue’ in French, and is perfect with the life preserver on the label. And boy, will this one rescue you from a case of the Monday’s! (or Tuesday’s!). It’s a traditional French Rosé from the motherland of Rosé, the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence. Yum. It’s light salmon in color, and has a crisp refreshing taste. It’s dry, light and delightful, and has just a little zing. The tasting notes say it tastes of candied lemon, pink grapefruit, rose petal,  and stone….I have no idea if I get all of those (or any for that matter), but I have been rescued, that is for sure!

All in all it’s pretty smooth and delish, and be careful, because a bottle of this will disappear before you can say #roseallday! This comes roaring in an impressive 13% ABV. Sauvetage is just around $13 mark on Winc.  This one will go fast, so scoop it up while you can!


  1. Clubs or societies like this can be fantastic. I’m a member of The Wine Society (U.K.) which is non profit and been going for around 200 years. I’ve somehow managed to taste over 100 different grapes using them!


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