Yes Way Rosé!

yeswayHi Guys! We are excited to share our second wine review! This week we are trying Yes Way Rosé! Clearly we were smitten with the name alone, but the wine it self, is pretty tasty as well! How could you not grab this one off the shelf? These gals have their marketing game on strong. As we reviewed our second wine, and enjoyed our second wine, we started to wonder if there would be a rosé we did not like….only time will tell, but I’m guessing it will be a no.

When shopping for Rosé’s, usually a sure fire way to pick a good one is to go with a French varietal, as France is the home of Rosé. Yes Way Rosé brings us back to the promised land. The light pink color, is exactly what we look for, and the dry, refreshing taste is perfect for the pool party or yacht (ha! I wish). This is a perfect day drinking wine at 12.5% percent alcohol, and has a smooth finish, with no bitter feeling in your mouth.

We love their story as well. @YesWayRosé was created by two best friends, to symbolize friendship, fun, and summertime vibes. As they say, it is a French Rosé, you can actually say! We love it, and will definitely keep this one stocked in our fridges all summer long. You can find it @Target in the $12 range. So fill your glasses up, and just say Yes Way!




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