That Fresh Faced Feeling…

IMG_6116After a long weekend at the lake I wanted nothing more than to go home and clean my face!  Honestly, I’m lucky if I use a cleansing cloth every night while there.  GROSS, ugh, thinking about it makes me cringe with all the lake water, sunscreen, bug spray, campfire…. but nonetheless at the end of a long day and more than a few glasses of Rosé it happens.

I’ve used lots of different products and masks over the years but I always go back to Bioré.  Their single use self heating one-minute mask packets are so easy to use, with little clean up.  Oh and only $6 bucks from Target.  Score!

You can feel the mask working immediately with every circular motion you make, and it feels great.  After about a minute and good rinse you not only feel but see your face again…no more grime, no more dirt, just a squeaky-clean face!  And after a long weekend that’s feel amazing!

Having these under your bathroom sink is a no brainer


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