Welcome to Rosé on Tuesday! It all started with this napkin! At the time Victoria received these as a gift, we were tossing around the idea to start a blog. This napkin seemed like sign.  I mean, don’t they look like us? …I’m sure they are cool mom bloggers?… and I’m sure that isn’t coffee in those cups! Whether it was pure coincidence or a sign from above, it was all we needed.  We committed right then and there. I mean, why not? What’s the worst that could happen? We get to hang out, have fun, and drink wine? OK…sign me up.

We are just two Chicago moms trying to fake it until we make it, well, in pretty much everything! We may not be experts in fashion, hair, wine, or even momming stuff, but we hope that what we share can help support, inspire, or at least entertain our readers!  Wine definitely improves our level of expertise in pretty much everything though!

Whether we are sharing our motherhood experiences, or trying to figure out why none of our friends have the same wrinkles (it’s Botox- trust us), we hope to figure out many of  life’s pressing questions. If there is anything in life we have found, it’s that usually there are a lot of people thinking the same thing, and feeling the same way! So hopefully together, we can all figure this adulting thing out.

We’re not sure what path this blog might take us on… but we hope you’ll stick around to find out!  With the smiles on our faces, dry shampoo in our hair, and wine in our strollers, we are up for whatever comes our way!

We believe life should be lived to the fullest…especially with a glass (or bottle) of Rosé…. on Tuesday! …or any day for that matter- we aren’t picky!




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