My life around a cupcake…

IMG_0014So it finally happened, I had to run home and make a cupcake for my three year old that has food allergies.  I was a bit perturbed at drop off this morning when seeing the large boxes of cupcakes sitting in the corner of the class room.  The school has a heads up policy when birthdays happen with treats.   When I mentioned this to the teacher he said she could have a consolation popsicle instead.  Don’t get me wrong Harper LOVES a good popsicle but if a room full of her friends were eating cupcakes and she was the lone wolf eating a popsicle I only saw one scenario….total melt down.  I get it, she’s going to have to learn that the world isn’t always fair and all that jazz.  But she’s just too young for that lesson, a three-year-old won’t be able to grasp that.  So I rushed to the grocery store bought all the supplies, Betty Crocker is our safe brand, zoomed home and got moving to make it back to school for the 12:30 birthday celebration.

The baby was screaming, the dog barking and my husband asking if everything was alright (of course, he works from home on days when a dog and pony show are happening,) but I was able to get the box mixed with apple sauce instead of eggs and skipping the oil.  After the baking and cool time passed I added the whipped frosting to a to a bag and did a quick piping job and tossed on a few sprinkles.  Voilà….instant happiness!!!

I rushed the precious cupcake to school and made it just in time.  I pulled away knowing my little egg, peanut, tree nut allergy kid wasn’t going to feel left out and I could protect her from realizing she’s different for another day!

Then reality…at pick up I asked how the cupcake went and the teacher said “great, but we didn’t know someone was bring in cupcakes for their last day as well, so she had to sit in the library area by herself for the second round” HAND ON PALM!  WHAAAAAAAATTTT????  I should also mention I took four extra cupcakes to be freezed at school for these exact reasons!  But things never work out the way you plan, so the teacher sat her down and explained why she couldn’t eat that treat, to my great pleasure Harper didn’t put up a fight and sat reading a book without a meltdown or tears….then it hit me, she’s growing up and all those talks and books we read, the reading of labels in grocery stores, talking about food and what will happen if she eats her allergies have actually been setting in!!!

So on this day I’ll always remember that little cupcake as the turning point that by baby was really becoming a big girl.

Don’t get me wrong I was still a bit peeved about the second cupcake but more than anything I felt bad for those teachers! 15 3-5-year-olds hyped up on sugar…now that’s a nightmare!

And after all that I’m thankful it was a Tuesday, because you know Rosé on Tuesday, yes please!


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  1. I absolutely loved your story. I have many myself of how us moms will doing anything for our girls. Your a great mom. Keep up the good work. Love Aunt Tree


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